The pride of Golden Goose’s CEO: “Well-built sneakers last”

The pride of Golden Goose’s CEO: “Well-built sneakers last”

Well-built sneakers never die. Silvio Campara, CEO of Golden Goose, brand created in 2000 in Veneto, knows it well. The brand manufactures shoes with a “used vintage look” that makes them recognizable. Golden Goose uses high-quality materials, as planned by luxury brands, and makes all its shoes by hand, with 4 hours per pair utilized (against 40 minutes using machinery). The continuous improvement of processes at Golden Goose, where 70% of the employees is under 32 years of age, also brought the brand to make, in Milan, a new concept: the Forward Store.

Well-built sneakers

“I prefer the concept of responsibility to that of sustainability – says Silvio Campara to La Repubblica –. Behavior is important. In our world 99% of the leather used is still from bovines or ovines. We use natural and very expensive tanning processes. And we take care of a material that would otherwise be thrown away. Almost everybody on the street today wears sneakers: who fixes them when they get used up? Nobody had thought of resolving the problem: we did, and we did it by making the service scalable, from an economic standpoint. We don’t just fix Golden shoes, but Nike, Adidas, or Gucci. We do it for the ready-to-wear segment”.

Forward Store

There are a tailor and a shoemaker, repairing apparel items and footwear directly at the store. There is also a chance to personalize one’s items with many different options. Beside from the repair and remake activities, there is also a resell corner for Golden Goose, with the boutique becoming a physical pivot point of the activity that is now an essential part of the luxury industry. The store also has two chests to recycle items that clients no longer want.

Golden Goose’s Forward Store will also be present, by the end of 2022, in New York and Dubai, followed later on by Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai. It’s thought out to be a service focused on luxury sustainability that gives value to the craftsmanship of tailors and shoemakers: it’s become a business for Golden Goose. “We had 38 customers in Milan the first day – says Campara -. One of them has 69 pairs being brought in 3 at the time, spending 510 euro each time”. Naturally then, there are some that want to personalize the Golden Goose they own and increase their collections by buying new ones.

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