Abloh was the first slowing down and with LV² brings luxury into the future

Abloh has been the first slowing down and with LV² brings luxury into the future

It proved to be a precursor this time too. Now that luxury is wondering how to get away from the frenzy of fast fashion, Louis Vuitton‘s Man director can say he played ahead of time. Yes, because Virgil Abloh was the first slowing down, when last summer he took a break from the scene for rest and health reasons. The designer comes back on June 26 with a new release, the LV² collection designed with Japanese designer Nigo. A complete collection, from clothing to accessories, which not only aims at satisfying the taste of fashionistas with new products fresh from the factory, but lays the foundations for the streetwear of the future.

Abloh was the first slowing down

It was early September when Abloh, from Vogue columns, announced that he would be around less for a while. Now, how is he? “I’ve never felt better – he says to Le Figaro -. Since my debut twenty years ago, I have traveled frantically. At the time, I felt that the world was a train to be seized, and that many changes would offer me opportunities. And so I traveled a lot, chasing meetings and appointments. Last year I realised that I could slow down. I can maintain a less frenetic pace”.

The collection with Nigo

Now, Abloh returns with a collaboration that counts. For LV² he joined forces with Nigo, we said, founder of the brands A Bathing Ape, Human Made and (together with Pharrel Williams) Billionaire Boys Club. “His work is one of the most important chapters in the recent history of fashion – says the designer -, and not only in the streetwear segment”.

By the way: is streetwear dead, or not?

In December, this time from the pages of Dazed, Abloh sanctioned the death of streetwear. Now, with Nigo, he intends to rewrite its future. Are the first statement and the second purpose not contradictory? “I don’t think streetwear is a unique and linear movement. With that expression – it is explained to Le Figaro -, I referred to the fact that it is a phenomenon in change. This collection may be considered streetwear, but it shows how it evolves”. What do you mean? “I am inspired by the future of men’s fashion, not necessarily by what young people like nowadays – he answers -. I don’t see many outfits around, but I hope LV², which has the maison’s heritage, influences the way boys dress. This is the mission of a designer: to give birth to future trends”.

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