CRV, fashion restarts its engines: Prada and Leo Shoes are on

CRV, la moda riaccende i motori: è il turno di Prada e Leo Shoes

After the Coronavirus hit, the fashion industry is restarting its engines. After signs of reopening, two important brands are also moving forward to the new normal: Prada and Leo Shoes.

It’s Prada’s turn

One hundred workers of the Arezzo-based Prada’s site have gone back to work to take care of the collections and samples. In its entirety, the site includes about 2,300 employees. As reported by Corriere di Arezzo (newspaper), the local prefect Anna Palombi has allowed these workers to get back on site. Yet, activities have only been restarted for actions relating to the development of samples and collections for next season. In these prior weeks, Prada worked to guarantee the safety of the employees, and the return to production has happened under a series of safety measures. These measures include the mandatory use of masks, social distancing, repeated sanification of workspaces, the measurement of body temperature of workers at entry and the segmentation of work shifts.

Leo Shoes in Puglia

Footwear manufacturer Leo Shoes in Casarano (lecce) has also reopened its doors. As for Prada, the local prefect has allowed the company to restart activities. Quotidiano di Puglia (local newspaper) broke the news, mentioning that Antonio Sergio Filograna said that “reopening is the first step”. The go-ahead from authorities allow the business to work on samples and collections, as for Prada. “But if production doesn’t restart soon, the consequences could be very serious”, continues Mr. Filograna, who adds it has lost “3 million euro in revenue in March alone”. Managers and 15 workers have returned to work yesterday, but in this case as well the reopening was characterized by the respect for the safety measures, ensured by labor unions.

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