Elbaz takes on CEO: AZfashion start-up is gearing up

Elbaz takes on CEO: AZfashion start-up is gearing up

Alber Elbaz has taken on Laurent Malecaze and, at the same time, the AZfashion project is about to kick off. Malecaze, currently working as a manager at The Webster, a luxury retailer based in New York, will take office as Chief Executive Officer starting from October 12th. The start-up company, created by Lanvin’s former fashion designer together with Swiss luxury giant Richemont, can now take the first steps in the fashion market.

AZfashion is gearing up

Elbaz himself (in the picture) has personally chosen “his travel partner to set off for this new enterprise”. “His joining us here will further boost our team’s drive and energy”, commented the fashion designer while speaking to WWD. “Indeed, we have been working hard, while going through such difficult pandemic times, and we look forward to launching our first project, next year”. AZfashion released a short public statement to point out that Elbaz and Malecaze “will develop the company’s global strategy and will also oversee its implementation”.

A start-up company: history

The fashion designer and Richemont announced the launch of AZfashion 11 months ago. The start-up company, which will mostly focus on a few single projects and will not have a seasonal approach, certifies Elbaz comeback to fashion after his turbulent leaving from Lanvin. Yet, after announcing the launch of AZfashion, the pandemic broke out: therefore, the inauguration had to be postponed till 2021 early months.


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