Gucci in Milan: “An instigation to do things differently”. Michele: “The brand must become a multi-experience”

“Many times one’s experience may very well be one’s worst prison. We are used to do things as we have always done them. Even more so if we have been successful in the past, states Marco Bizzarri to Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ while explaining the necessity to change continuously. “The best strategy is to continue creating new projects and question what was done in the past. Status quo doesn’t exist for me. If you become inflexible and adverse to changes, you will risk extinction”. Alessandro Michele, his creative director accepts the challenge:” I don’t want Gucci to simply be a brand, I want it to be multi-experience. I believe that following a simple path or creating a trend is claustrophobic.” A hymn to be a multi-experience name (Gucci), that transformed into a fashion show that, as a matter of fact, opened the Milano Fashion Week: “An instigation to do things differently”, the exact words of the stylist. A vortex of culture, time periods, art-related inspirations, that characterized a show that was clearly trying to hypnotize the viewers. Going from Snow White to Elton John, from 80’s tracksuits to brocade, and again fur coats and embroidered leather, glitter lace, Japanese prints and Aztec drawings. Men and women, together and interchangeable, through different time periods and styles. Many of the creations used leather: dresses and patchwork jackets with pitons’ skins. Almost-excessive usage of sequin, crystals, colored beads, furs and leather types of different colors being used together. And to conclude, the classic logo of ‘crossed G’, as well as Gucci’s anti-logo: ‘Guccy’, which mocks the imitations and fakes.



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