LVMH set new sustainability standards for crocodile skin suppliers: three breeding farms take certification

LVMH group have set clear guidelines. First and foremost, their commitment to the preservation of animal species alongside the welfare itself of animals in the breeding farms (in terms of feeding, among others, space quality and a veterinary). In addition, they are also paying close attention to social and environmental sustainability, including “respect for local communities”. As reported by AFP, the French luxury giant have been setting new standards for the supply chain of crocodile leather, which have been “built up and approved by a panel of scientific experts”. LVMH’s action is “part of a global approach to breeding, which must comply with an appropriate treatment of animals”. The group, which control some brands such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Dior, announced that three companies, which supply Singapore’s tannery, have been already certified according to the new standards. Like we said, someone just talks about sustainability, while others put it into practice: LVMH announced that twenty breeding farms (based in Australia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, The Philippines and The United States), which supply crocodile skins, will be compliant with the new sustainability standards within 2020.


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