Paris Fashion week, with Chanel and Vuitton les jeux sont faits

Paris Fashion week, with Chanel and Vuitton les jeux sont faits

Les jeux sont faits. Paris Fashion Week closed on Tuesday (October 6, 2020) with two (highly anticipated) fashion shows that left their mark. In other words, those of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. The French brands have brought a bold and self-confident woman to the catwalk, an expression of a style that is strong in its heritage, but also knows how to renew itself. Personality and timeless charm were the keys to the fashion shows.

Les jeux sont faits

Chanel (pictured right)

Creative director Virginie Viard has reinterpreted the cult of Chanel with a free and rebellious, almost rock, look. The collection is inspired by the great French auteur cinema, and its black and white heroines. And it adds a strong and very contemporary character to the ideal of “femme fatale”. The traditional tweed jackets alternate with the biker jacket, in black and silver leather with Chanel written in large letters on the sleeves. Bermuda shorts and pink sweaters leave room for leather suits, but also sequins, belts and macramé. Among the accessories stand out the 2.55 micro bags, to be worn as a necklace, by hand or hung on the belt as a charm.

Louis Vuitton (pictured left)

Louis Vuitton’s proposal is that of a genderless fashion. That is, the voice of a generation that “does not define itself by sexual affiliation”, as creative director Nicolas Ghesquière explains. A way of dressing where “neutrality can be powerful, extreme and expressive”. The looks are like sleek and elegant armours, like ultra-over armour jackets with pointed shoulder with silver stripes, and pointed leather pump mules. Baggy trousers are tightened at the waist by wide belts. Leather crop jackets over patchwork minidresses and ankle-length snow boots. Bags are maxi but ultra-flat, or micro and cross-body worn, tied around the neck.

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