Summer 2024, for Lineapelle 101, will be the era of transformation

Summer 2024, for Lineapelle 101, will be the era of transformation

All set for the “era of transformation”. Tactile looks, lightness, vintage chic and new brilliance. The trends identified for the Summer 24 season by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee respond to the “need for vital and positive energy” with “creativity and colour as therapy”. Lineapelle 101 collects, narrates and develops them using a suggestion entitled ‘Other People’s Eyes – Stories of Transformation’. It is based on “pictorial suggestions, digital hybridisations generated by Artificial Intelligence, and the centrality of the chromatic dimension, with colours that will be the real protagonists”, as explained by Antonella Bertagnin, the Committee’s coordinator. The stylistic challenge will be to “appropriate the most advanced technologies and technology for the benefit of man and within nature”. A vast and stimulating horizon, which can be achieved by following three paths:

1 > To Feel

2 > Art Chaos

3 > Inner Luminosity


The age of transformation 

1 > Softness and lightness

To Feel is a central theme of the trends for summer 2024. Swelling, softness and lightness are part of the To Feel mood, even with large volumes and thicknesses. Ultra-light materials, leather lace, perforations, pleats, micro-textures and weaves that play with surfaces are part of this world.

2 > Vintage revisitations

Naturalness is revisited in a colourful way in the Art Chaos mood. Vintage is revisited with new processes and colours. Washes, scratches, cracks, wrinkles, removables, clouded, mottled and re-dyed. “Refinishing material defects is a sustainable gesture,” explains the Lineapelle Fashion Committee. “Avoiding waste is a point of arrival and only the art and skill of great professionals can elevate the precious material into something destined for waste”. Space, therefore, to craquelet effects, deep and transparent buffing, pull-ups and ‘emotional processing’.

3 > Brilliance and ethnic codes

A light that comes from within, the Inner Luminosity, indicates shiny processing and materials, highly polished stretches, barely noticeable pearls and metallic reflections. “Foils that are interpretations of patterns and ethnic codes, with a use of colours and patterns with an antique flavour,” Bertagnin concludes. But also finishes on a white base, foils with two-tone pull-up effects on pleats and crinkles.

Trend Areas at the fair

As usual, inside the fair it will be possible to get a first-hand look at the new trends through the materials selected by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee in the three Trend Areas located in halls 9, 13 and 22. For those who want to learn more about style theory for summer 2024, two seminars in Italian and two in English are scheduled at the Fashion Theatre (hall 13, morning and afternoon of the first two days of the fair). Not forgetting Lineapelle Metaverse, the virtual exhibition space that Lineapelle inaugurated last October and that, at this edition as well, will surprise and inspire visitors by welcoming them into a new dimension.

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