Ups and downs for fashion brands, thus affecting reptile and leather:” We need versatility, top brands will not do”

Fashion brands slow down. Tough times for niche items as well. That’s the very first 2016 report given out by exhibitors, participating in Lineapelle, specialised for reptile and leather.” Fashion brands have been slowing down, hence demand has gone down, as much as revenues”- says Roberto Franchi  (Reptilis, based in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa), supported by Spanish Curtidos Parera. A “tough” 2016 then for “fashion brands, our real customers, whose purchase have been decreasing, thus affecting our turnover”. Good news instead for La Patrie tannery: their CEO, Leonardo Traversi, points out that “they have industrialized metal-free alligator tan, amongst the first ones in the world, and over 60,000 alligator skins have been tanned in less than one year”. Francesco Martini -Gi-Elle-Emme, leather factory based in Ponte a Egola – clarifies that” fortunately our turnover is okay since our work has been expanding”: in fact, “ our business was mostly (70%) focused on fashion brands in Italy at first, then we have been looking for it abroad”. In India first, “where business landed from China, then Turkey and Australia as well”.” Since top brands will not do nowadays, we have been expanding our clientele and articles – adds Martini. We are now producing splits, as tanned as our leather- in addition to soles, dressing for heels and welts”. Mario Caponi (Bisonte leather factory, Santa Croce sull’Arno, Pisa) says that “Chinese market has been awakening”, while in Russia “domestic market turnover has increased”. At the same time we wonder about the USA. That’s the big question.” It will take a couple of months at least to get the answer”- he reckons.


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