Ballet shoes? Slippers? Jennifer Lawrence’s non-shoes open an era

Ballet shoes? Slippers? Jennifer Lawrence's non-shoes open an era

They call them “non-shoes”. Because classifying them is not easy, since they are somewhere between ballet shoes and slippers. The Row’s Ozzy slippers made their mark on American actress Jennifer Lawrence‘s feet. Many have questioned whether they can really be considered footwear, given their minimalist construction to say the least: they are stretch nappa leather slip-ons with an elastic at the ankle. They resemble the slippers used by ballerinas for training, looking almost like a leather ghost. But as often happens, style and fashion rule and anything, if worn in the right context and with a certain combination, can become a trend. And this would appear to be such the case.

The non-shoes

Let’s start by specifying that these “ephemeral” but apparently comfortable shoes are a luxury item. Yes, because the cost of the Ozzy shoes by The Row, the brand founded by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen that is all the rage among Hollywood stars, is £720 (around €830). A price not accessible to everyone and justifiable by the raw material used: genuine unlined stretch leather. The design is challenging: a bit like Balenciaga’s shoppers that reproduced the classic shopping bag, but in leather. This is why these shoes have created such a stir, going so far as to be described by Vogue as “non-shoes”.

Casual chic

Jennifer Lawrence unwittingly acted as trend setter, wearing Ozzy shoes while walking with her stroller through the streets of Manhattan in a street style look. White coat, burgundy jumper, dark leggings and Mets cap: a casual outfit perfect to match this shoe-not-shoes designed by the Olsen twins. The Row’s Ozzy are a chic version of the Vibram FiveFingers: foot free to walk in, with very little support, just a thin sole to rest on.

Photo from Vogue

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