Arnault sits on an armchair made by a brand in Brianza

Arnault sits on an armchair made by a brand in Brianza

Mascheroni, the art of leather on Bernard Arnault‘s desk. The company, made in Brianza, is based in Cabiate (Como). It produces luxury home and office furniture. Today, it employs 20 craftsmen, each of whom works from start to finish on a single product. Another unique feature of Mascheroni is that in its 47-year history it has never invested in advertising or, more generally, in business. Yet, it has furnished the interiors of governments, embassies and prestigious locations all over the world.

Made in Brianza

Mascheroni was founded in 1973 on the initiative of Piero Mascheroni, the only designer in the company’s history. At the beginning, the company manufactured upholstered furniture in fine leathers, which still represents its core business. Over the years, it has expanded its production to include office furniture, tables, chairs and desks, and has also opened up to bespoke products.

As Forbes tells us, Mascheroni directly controls the entire production cycle. The choice of leather is fundamental. Mascheroni selects only top quality leathers with a thickness that is double or even triple that of the leathers usually used in manufacturing (1.1-1.2 millimetres). Vegetable leathers, nubuck, and natural leathers thus guarantee the greatest durability of the product. “When a customer who bought a sofa twenty years ago asks us to reupholster the cushions because he doesn’t want to change it, this is the true meaning of sustainability”, are the words of Silvio, son of founder Piero, and the company’s communications and art director.

The philosophy

“Mascheroni’s philosophy has always remained faithful to two points: quality and time. For us, quality means having each product made by a single craftsman,” continues Mascheroni, “and this derives from the idea that an object has less soul the more people there are involved in its creation. For example, the Prior desk takes two months to produce”. That’s why the annual production is 10 pieces per year. Bernard Arnault, owner of LVMH, who chose Mascheroni to furnish his office, also knows this.

Photo from Forbes

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