Lineapelle96, focus accessories / components: the custom made gives emotions and satisfaction to exhibitors

Luxury is increasingly looking for personalization, that one detail that can make a product unique. And thus justify, in some way, the price, leveraging, as well as on materials, on extra manufactures that can make some models bestsellers on a global scale. It is anything but a little news for the sector of accessories and components that, back from a positive 2018, is continuing to have a good period. This is confirmed by the excitement of the stands at Lineapelle. An excellent response that requires, however, necessary distinctions. For Rudi Migliorini, owner of Italiana Accessori (which make applications of studs and crystals on clothing and shoes) “we must however immediately clarify one thing: it is luxury that requires special work, especially on shoes and bags. And now the demand is turning more and more towards embroidery with rhinestones and studs. For medium and medium-high brands the situation is different. Here the price is affected and growth is less effective”.

After all, luxury is the sector that is trying to exploit the potential of customization. And here the world of accessories can really make the difference, allowing you to customize products that can then be sold in individual markets or through capsule collections. It is no coincidence that even a big accessory brand like Swarovski, with its stand at Lineapelle, is already equipped to provide a custom made service. In November they opened in Austria Manufaktur, the so-called “crystal atelier”, a space where brands can work in close contact with the artisans and create a product suited for their needs. “A strong signal to respond to this trend – a Swarovski spokesperson calls it – as generally strong is the demand for accessories for bags and shoes, not only of individual elements, such as rhinestones, rivets and studs, but also of a mix of all these”. The future step of customization? For YKK, the Japanese zip giant that works for the main fashion groups, it is also possible to customize the teeth of the zips, which can be inserted, even as a decoration, in fashion accessories, confirming the fact that custom made and the designers’ love for details is more solid than ever.


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