Bally’s new traditional mindset: “We are architects of leather: we are focusing again on shoes and accessories”

“Bally is an architect of leather. We are a footwear manufacturing company that achieves outstanding sales as to accessories. According to our definition, ready to wear is an accessory item for an accessory one”. Such is the comment released by Frederic de Narp, chief executive officer of Bally, during an interview published on CPP-Luxury portal. Bally is a Swiss luxury brand, founded in 1851 and bought out by Shandong Ruyi Holding Group earlier this year, in February. The group has reduced apparel production to focus (again) on accessories and shoes. “The strategic decisions we have made have been driving sound performances, throughout 2018, in all the business areas; in particular, we enjoyed an amazing boost in the Americas, in Japan and in e-commerce worldwide. We also implemented a successful sale campaign, with regard to spring-summer wholesale, as our revenues went up in double figures”, remarked the CEO while emphasizing the company’s commitment to footwear and accessories: “Bally is the only brand that applies Swiss quality to men’s shoes. In fact, we hand-make them in our manufacturing plant, located in Caslano. Our strategy is primarily based on leather accessories, which is the most rapidly growing sector (+5% compared to global market): we are ready to outdo our competitors in this category”. In addition to that, Bally also focus on footwear: “Manufacturing successful shoes requires top quality materials: that is why our leather experts travel all around the world looking for the best one”. Finally yet importantly, as regards current sport trends, “we have been making sneakers since the thirties…”. Just to make it clear.


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