Discovering Manufacture De Souliers, Louis Vuitton’s hub based in Fiesso d’Artico: focus on Highsnobiety’s report

Why do sneakers by Louis Vuitton cost up to 1,600 US dollars? Jian DeLeon, head editor of Highsnobiety portal, answered the question, while telling about his visit to Louis Vuitton’s Manufacture De Souliers, based in Fiesso d’Artico. Fast fashion sneakers recall, in their shape and look, luxury sneakers, though both quality and price are hugely different. DeLeon focuses on the culture of leather and beauty, along with the history of the brand, enshrined in a trunk, which dates to 1909, containing 24 pairs of shoes. As fully reported in the article you may read through over here, the factory is divided into four laboratories: Alma, for women’s heeled shoes; Speedy, for sneakers; Nomade, a workshop dedicated to car shoes; ultimately, Taiga, for men’s elegant shoes and a few leather goods articles such as belts (for the records, here they also assemble sneakers). Some artisans, “who have been training over the years to refine their own expertise”, make sport shoes models. They are professionals and they are proud of their job. The company puts together artisanal skills with the most recent technologies: as a result of that, they are able to make a footwear sample in few hours. “When it comes to manufacturing, training shoes are more complicated than formal footwear”, remarks Gigi, an employee of the company. For instance, when we make the LV 408 Trainers model, we have to assemble up to 106 components, 20 of which just for soles: “From raw materials to finished product, not to mention their meticulous manufacturing process, shoes convey a soul feeling and a peculiar heritage at which no fast- fashion product may ever aim”, wrapped up the journalist.

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