Golden Goose appoint Silvio Campara as new chief executive officer, while facing accusations, on the web, of “glorifying poverty”

Golden Goose top management is changing. Meanwhile, they have to deal with a rather “weird” controversy that recently came up on the social networks. At the end of his office, Giorgio Presca, employed in the company since March 2017 (that is, after Carlyle Group bought out the brand) as managing director, has submitted his resignation. Silvio Campara takes over: since 2013, he has been employed as brand’s sales manager. Furthermore, Patrizio di Marco, former managing director of Gucci and Bottega Veneta, will take over and replace Marco De Benedetti as president of the Board of Trustees. The newly appointed top managers will first have to address a controversy that recently arose on the social networks, in the past days: in fact, Superstar Taped sneakers, whose brand is Golden Goose, have been accused of “glorifying poverty”, despite their being a luxury commodity. They are an aged and used model, and they are patched on their end. French website Capital wraps up the controversy by reporting such comment: “Some people in the world take plastic bags and wear them as shoes because they can’t afford anything else; now such disgusting items are sold at 500 dollars. The fashion industry is so damn stupid: that makes me furious, bloody hell”. Such comment, which sounds like a typical social hater remark, exceeded 50,000 likes. Some more followers say that those shoes are “disgusting”, “outrageous” and “insulting”. Yet, despite such harsh disapproval – emphasizes Capital – apparently these sneaker shoes are going very well, in terms of sales: in fact, according to BFM TV, they are sold out. The current controversy reminds a great deal of a similar one, which came up two years ago: Golden Goose was involved as well.



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