Hires and training: Fendi invests in Marche’s footwear segment

Hires and training: Fendi invests in Marche’s footwear segment

Fendi invests in Marche’s footwear segment. It doubled the number of workers in the Fermano-area production site, which will soon be moved from current location Porto San Giorgio. The brand is also financing the training institute of Ipsia O. Ricci, in Fermo, with the project “Adopt a school”. Fendi’s CEO Serge Brunschwig said of the Marche footwear segment that he “is very fascinated by the territory’s know, in which we believe”.

Fendi invests in Marche’s footwear segment

Mr. Brunschwig, present at Ipsia O. Ricci on Wednesday, September 15th for the starts of the year, announced the move of the production site from Porto San Giorgio. The CEO also stated that there will be an increase in production output, since Fendi is planning on bringing the number of workers from 210 to 300. According to indiscretions, Fendi purchased an inactive warehouse in Fermo’s industrial area.

Attracting young people

Consequently, Fendi feels the need to attract young people, which translates into investing in trainings. Brunschwig inaugurated the project “Adopt a school” at the Fermo-based school. The project was made by Fondazione Altagamma in partnership with the Education Ministry. A reported by MF Fashion, the new training course dedicated to footwear is reserved to 21 younglings and will last 2 years. At the end of the period, a part of the students will find work in the Rome-based brand. Alexandre Boquel, ME director of LVMH, was also present, and pointed out the know-how baggage that the students can gain thanks to this initiative.

In photo, Brunschwig (on the left) and Paolo Calcinaro, Fermo’s mayor

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