Huajian group holds on to its “Africa’s largest investor” title: operations ready to begin in Zimbabwe and Egypt

Ethiopia and Nigeria came first. Now it is the turn of Zimbabwe and Egypt. Huajian Group holds on to its “Africa’s largest investor” title by initiation new development operations. During an interview with the Sunday News Business, Zimbabwe’s minister for industry and commerce (Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndlovu) revealed that Huajian Group has 10 billion USD ready “for the creation of a manufacturing plant where to tan bovine hides and at the same time produce footwear. Beside from Zimbabwe, Huajian has chosen Egypt as the country where to invest important resources. That was told to reporters by Egyptian minister for industry and commerce, Amr Nassar, who met with the president and founder of the large Chinese footwear group, Zhang Huarong. The minister stated that the Chinese business intends on beginning with its initial investments to build an entire industrial area in Robiki. “Huajian’s goal is to specifically focus on the production of products made with high-quality leather”, stated Nassar, who continued by declaring that the Chinese company is planning on creating a large industrial complex in the vicinity of Cairo’s airport, to promote the development manufacturing plants already producing textiles, electronics, and home appliances. Huarong, ceo of Huajian Group which is one of the largest mid-quality leather footwear manufacturers in the world, explained how the investment is an integral part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which pushes Chinese businesses to make new investments in the countries that adhere to the initiative. The group has over 20,000 employees and manufactures over 20 million pairs of shoes every year.


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