Nike celebrates the quality of Montebelluna’s sport shoes in a video

Nike celebrates the quality of Montebelluna's sport shoes in a video

Nike and The Pitch celebrate the quality of Montebelluna‘s sport shoes in a video. The clip is also being used to launch the football shoes model Tiempo Legend IX Elite MI FG “Made in Italy”. The product, with leather upper, is made inside the laboratory that Nike created in the Sportsystem district. Here the brand produces “top of the line” football shoes for the best players in the world.



Montebelluna’s sport shoes

Reading Nike’s material, the special edition of the Tiempo model “is made with precious leather, made in Montebelluna, with a design inspired by champions of the caliber of Andrea Pirlo”. The leather upper has soft foam pods for precision during kicks. On Thepitch, leading football retail brand in Italy, a more precise technical description of the shoes is provided. The logo of Montebelluna is sown onto the internal sole, while there is also an Italian flag that pays tribute to the artisanal manufacturing process. This model has intricate design elements that showcase the complex Italian process with which the pair of shoes is made. The video shifts between tradition and emotions, and it has the clear goal of transmitting the quality of the “handmade” work that is passed on generation after generation in the Montebelluna district.

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