Lectra’s commitment to industry 4.0 proves rewarding, as research investments, solutions and earnings go up

Lectra multinational corporation have been scheduling their prospective development (along with a budget). In 2015-2016 two year period, they drew up the concept and started up their work focused on Industry 4.0; subsequently, in 2017, they implemented some experimental projects, directed at customers. Now, in 2018, they are introducing their early solutions, while gearing up for further plans in the next future. Aiming to achieve such accomplishment, they increased by 50% their investments in Research and Development. That proved to be the winning shot: in fact, positive outcomes turned up quite quickly. “Our global turnover moved – remarked Fabio Canali, chief executive officer of Lectra Italy – from 160 million euros, in 2009, up to 277 million euros in 2017”. As a matter of fact, fashion manufacturing requires a digital revolution. As pointed out by Flavio Tonelli, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Genoa, during a meeting set by Lectra in Bologna, on May 31, industry 4.0 may provide the leather industry with additional benefits: “Not just in terms of process efficiency- quoting his own words – but also with regard to other aspects. Since the leather business success does not hang on volumes, but rather on high added value assigned to products, it is very important, as well, to be faster and more flexible when it comes to manufacturing. On top of that, it is well worth grabbing the opportunity to review the interaction between brands, suppliers and contractors”. Looking at solutions suggested by Lectra, they presented some new tools for Product Lifecycle Management 4.0 and for cutting.


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