Peter Kaiser is saved, but not its German production line

Peter Kaiser is saved, but not its German production line

Peter Kaiser is saved. Its German production line, it appears, isn’t. The Pirmasens-based footwear manufacturer has been struggling for a long time, but Stefan Frank, current CEO that managed the brand also during its days in court, along with Hans-Joachim and Gisa Sander (husband and wife), that founded Wella, joined forces to save the brand. The three of them took over the brand’s rights, remaining products and ownership. Six stores will continue to operate, along with the brand’s e-commerce. Yet, production lines in Germany will disappear.

Peter Kaiser is saved

Peter Kaiser started in 1838 with a slipper laboratory in Pirmasens. The company, well known for its women shoes, resisted until last year, when the pandemic’s effects added further criticalities to an already difficult situation. In September of 2020, the brand asked the Pirmasens court for tutelage from creditors and later became insolvent. Only a new investor could save the brand from being liquidated. The possibility seemed unlikely, but then it happened. On Wednesday February 24th, the creditors’ committee approved the sale of Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik, while Peter Kaiser Retail is still awaiting a decision. Both entities will be going in the hands of Stefan Frank, along with those of the two cited investors.

Troubles for the manufacturing side

The new ownership will have all that was purchased readily available starting from March 1st. And the production lines? As explained by SWR, the design and production of prototypes will be done in Germany, but the full-scale production lines will be moved elsewhere. The headquarter in Primasens will be dismantled and closed down. It’s likely that production will be fully moved to the plant that the brand has in Falgueiras (Portugal), also given that the site wasn’t a part of the legal procedures.

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