Scalfarotto: we must accelerate on the “made in …”. Marenzi states: “Let’s do it: it is a moral duty”

A new label “made in” for the traceability of the Italian product “respectful of the European Union.” Ivan Scalfarotto, undersecretary of Economic Development, announced this yesterday in Milan. The target is to decisively re-launch, the discussion on the law proposal regarding compulsory use of  the”made in…” label; discussion that has for a long time been blocked in Brussels, pending an agreement among the Countries. The Italian project is still under study and has not a precise deadline. Scalfarotto underlined that the Government, in 2016, has allocated additional 100 million euro for the Made in Italy “a branding that carries an added value for our SMEs and for this reason is a moral duty for us to bring the results home,” added the president of Moda Italian System Claudio Marenzi.


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