Spain, footwear suffers a downturn in the first 9 months of the year (-0.7%). Imports grow

Spagna, nei 9 mesi la scarpa scivola (-0,7%). Cresce l’import

Spanish footwear exports between January and September of 2019 remained stable. The values are very similar to those recorded during the same period of the previous year. In detail, revenue from foreign sales was of almost 2.1 billion euro (-0.7%), while volume remained the same at 122.6 million pairs (-0.1%). So, it doesn’t fall substantially, but the trend for the 9 months in question isn’t positive.

Imports during the first 9 months

As far as imports go, Spain purchased 256.6 million pairs of shoes during the first 9 months of the year (+1.9%). The value is of 2.56 billion euro (+10.7%).

The relationship with Italy

Italy is in second place in the list of countries that purchase the most footwear from Spain. France is first. Between the months of January and September, 16.2 million pairs of Spanish shoes (+2.9%) arrived in Italy, for a value of over 272 million euro (+7.25%). Vice-versa, Italy is in third place as far as the import ranking is concerned. During the same period, Italy sold 6.6 million pairs to Spain (-11.4%), for a value of 207 million euro (-1.2%).

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