Spain’s footwear is in the red at the end of 2018, as exports decrease both in value (-0.55%) and in volumes (-3.6%)

Spain’s footwear exports faced a slowdown in 2018. For the very first time, since 2015, at the end of the year Spanish exports decreased by 0.55% in terms of value (2.6 billion euros) and dropped by 3,6% in terms of volumes (over 152 million pairs of shoes). Only the average price of every exported pair went up, therefore reaching 17.43 euros. The negative trend in the traditional markets of the European Union (such as France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom) has been partly offset by a growing business trend in the markets out of the EU, such as the United States and China. As for trade relations with Italy, according to data provided and published by the Revista del Calzado our country imported around 18.7 million pairs of shoes made in Spain (565,000 pairs less compared to 2017), as turnover amounted to about 310 million euros. It turns out that Italy is Spain’s second market, after France. Looking at Spain’s imports, instead, Italy is the third market, following China and Vietnam. Spain imported nearly 10 million pairs of shoes made in Italy (+9.8% compared to 2017), reaching 273 million euros in revenues. Spain’s selling price in Italy is 16.57 euros per pair of shoes, while their purchase price, in Italy, is 27.64 euros per pair. José Monzonis, president of FICE, Spain’s federation of footwear manufacturers, pointed out: “Our manufacturing, exports and sales came to a standstill for two years”.


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