Steve Madden wants to guide fast fashion towards sustainability

Steve Madden wants to lead fast fashion towards sustainability

The priority is to guide fast fashion towards sustainability. But not only that: at the top of Steve Madden’s notes there are also sales channels. These are the topics that the founder of the homonymous brand spoke about during Expo Riva Schuh. Madden participated in the interview conducted by Matteo Pasca of Edizioni AF, broadcast during the three days of the volume footwear fair, in its first digital edition.

Driving fast fashion

“I want to be a leader, leading fast fashion towards sustainability as a protagonist. But I have no idea how to do it” explains the American businessman laughing. “The world is moving in a greener direction, and we are trying to make products that are recyclable, because we want to save the Earth. And that’s right. We want to produce less waste, and I like this idea – he continues -. The companies where I produce my shoes must be ready for this change: this is the direction we are taking. Big buyers are going towards this.

There is a lot of pressure, and it is a good thing. But the most important thing is to have the shoes that women want to buy”. Balance is indeed the key point raised by Madden. “Okay, I’m dealing with producing less waste, with recycling, with saving the Earth, I certainly agree with creating healthy working conditions. But I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that we have to make beautiful shoes, that people will like – he continues -. There is a balance that often slips. So yes, I want to reduce the carbon footprint, there are no doubts. But I also want to make the best shoes, at a great price”.

Sales channels

“In one or two years rent prices will be aligned again. People love to go to malls, they will buy again – explains Madden -. Especially when the pandemic is over, people will want to go out, go out of their houses, I am convinced: I believe that things will be fine”. If on the one hand the boom of the internet and e-commerce are therefore undeniable, on the other hand, for the US entrepreneur, the realignment of rents will determine new changes in the post-Covid era. “Yes, it’s true, everyone buys through their smartphone – he concludes -. But I think the channels will go together. Maybe there will be fewer stores, but they will work greatly again”.

The fair

The first “Home Edition” of Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags has done very well. 222 companies attended the fair in the exhibitor area, with a record of more than 21,000 views in the first four days of the event. Almost 9,000 products included in the catalog and consulted by over 1,800 registered buyers. These, in summary, are the numbers registered by Marketspace, the platform on which the Home Edition will remain active until April 30th.

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