Spain’s leather industry trend in the first six-month period: export of finished and semi-finished products goes up, but raw material declines

In the first six months of 2018 revenues have been increasing, as leather manufacturers earned fifty million euros more. From January till June, Spanish tanners have been exporting finished leather whose overall incomes amounted to 203,7 million euros, that is, +2,9% compared to 2017 same period. Data are provided, on a regular basis, by Madrid Customs Office, which also highlighted a growing export of semi-finished products, in terms of value: it is now worth 47,9 million euros, therefore increasing by 6,9% compared to last year. In contrast to such positive trend, export of raw hides has been dropping considerably, in terms of value: in fact, it decreased by 11,6%, that is, 101,5 million euros. On the other hand, in the first six-month period of the year imports of finished leather have gone up (+6,7% compared to the year before, 190,2 million euros in total); as for semi-finished products, imports amounted to 67,7 million euros (-9,8%), while raw hides reached slightly more than 43 million euros, pretty much in line with 2017 same period.    


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