The future is now: for German Caprice, footwear is a digital challenge

Producing faster and more economically. That is what every company states its goal is, footwear makers or companies active in other segments. It is easier said than done though, because there are a number of complications of technical, managerial and strategic complications. Issues that Caprice, German footwear maker, has decided to face and overcome by inaugurating a completely digital production line located inside its own R&D center in Pirmasens. Everything, from the planning of the cutting of leather pieces process to the manufacturing of other materials such as heels and bottoms, is automated thanks to a system combining 3D printers, scanners, plotters and last-generation digital cutting tool for leather pieces. Shoe bottoms and heels, as well as other existing footwear accessories, can be scanned and modified digitally, to be later re-printed as a new model by 3D printers. The whole designing process is also digital and is done before one of the tools makes the precise cut on all leather types. “It is essential for us to continuously implement new technologies in all areas of our business, so that we can further increase our already high-quality level. With the deployment of a digital production line, we know have the chance to develop our collections on site, in real time, as well as the opportunity to manufacture special series”, stated Jürgen Cölsch, managing partner at Caprice. The company invested a “6-digit sum” to install and build this new production line.

Image taken from one of Caprice’s corporate videos


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