The intelligent cycling shoe is called RAIOT, it will be manufactured by Velasca, and it isn’t a sneaker

The LED lights on the back of the shoe automatically turn on after five pedaling movements. Once off the bike, they automatically turn off thanks to the ability to recognize the walking movement. With no need of any buttons, the turning signals come on: all one needs to do is to move the ankle towards the desired turning direction. These are the functions of the smart shoe that uses the RAIOT technology (Radical Apparel Internet of Things), Rome-based startup that has been operating for one year and a half, and that has been registering patents for the wearable industry. Distinguishing the project from all the other interconnected and multifunctional shoes, is the style of the shoe chosen for the prototype: it isn’t a sneaker, rather a black shoe with laces. “Many managers in Northern Europe go to work with this vehicle, and that’s who we thought of when creating this product”, explained Manolo Abrignani, co-founder of RAIOT, to Wired Italia. The shoe will be created in partnership with Milanese-based footwear brand Velasca, specialized in classic shoes. The accessory can be recharged, at the moment, via MicroUsb port, but “ we are thinking of an b for the future, maybe with a panel put directly on the box, so that whoever arrives at home at night, after a hard day at work, needs to simply place the shoes on top of the box, rather than connecting another thing to the cables”, explained Mr. Abrignani. According to what has been announced, the cycling shoes will be in commerce within 6 months, at a price 20% higher than the prices of shoes currently sold by Velasca.


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