USA: more units slaughtered and LHCA’s effort of using all hides

USA: more units slaughtered and LHCA’s effort of using all hides

In the first 4 months of 2021 (or just about), the number of animal units slaughtered in the USA increased by 1%.  According to the USDA (Agriculture Department), the growth of adult bovines is covering the low number of calves. LHCA, meanwhile, promises to use all the hides originating from the meat industry. As explained by the association’s president, Stephen Sothmann, 17% of the byproducts isn’t recovered by the tanning industry as of now, and so ends up in landfills.

The trend

USDA’s estimates were updated to reach the 3rd week of April and show a slightly upward trend. The voice “Cattle” accounts for 10.3 million units, up 1.6% on yearly base. Similarly, the number of ovine units slaughtered increased by 1.2% (600,000 total), while calves are down by 24.1% (120,000 units). The trend reflects the outcome of the meat industry’s output, which respectively changes by +2.9%, +1% and -14.1% for the aforementioned categories.

Using all hides

“The US chain takes 83% of all hides originating from the livestock industry – states Mr. Sothmann a –. Now the chain will focus its efforts on reusing the remaining 17% as well, so that it may not be burned or thrown in landfills, but transformed into a material for the fashion and design segments”. The segment’s efforts, explains the US-based association that represents traders and tanners, focuses on the sustainable and circular nature of leather. “Fast fashion brings people to throw away a mountain of items that have barely been worn – adds LHCA’s president -. It’s not just a waste of resources and money, but these actions are also highly polluting. The leather industry is much more sustainable than people think. Bovines aren’t slaughtered for their American leather: we recycle a material that would otherwise be thrown away”.

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