Vuitton at war with Chinese Belle International, which allegedly copied their Archlight sneaker

Louis Vuitton have recently launched a lawsuit against Chinese Belle International (whose registered office is headquartered in Hong Kong) for copying one of their sneaker models. Namely, we are talking about the LV Archlight. This is indeed the first lawsuit for plagiary, launched by Louis Vuitton in China over the last three years, as emphasized by Chinese and Hong Kong media (where the news spread around). More specifically, the fashion brand sued two subsidiary companies of Belle International for copyright violation, while asking the Hong Kong Court of Intellectual Property to “immediately and permanently prohibit” sales of “fake” models, which should be removed from “whichever real and online store” (where they are still available). They also claimed for a non-specified refund. For the records, there is a considerable difference between the two “variations”, especially in terms of price: in fact, in July 2018 the LV Archlight model cost around 7,700 yuans (that is, 1,140 US dollars), whereas shoes made by Belle International did not cost more than 598 yuans.

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