Asian bag wins Europe: India’s Kompanero aim at retail, while Russia’s Elmasta focus on Armenian manufacturing

Kompanero leather goods, an Indian brand, will primarily rely on retail to carry out their own development plans. As reported by international press, by the end of 2019 the company is going to inaugurate 4 new shops, to begin with. In doing so, their global store network will reach 34 shops, which are bound to go up to 100, that’s the goal, within 2025. The development of Kompanero’s commercial network is currently focusing on the markets where the brand is actively playing, such as India, of course, and China; on top of that, they are also looking at new markets, such as Europe. Still we do not know, however, what Europe’s cities will be the starting point of Kompanero’s business expansion. Likewise, Elmasta, a Russian brand, is also planning to focus on Europe (and other markets as well, such as the domestic and the Asian ones); yet, in contrast, they are going to lean on Armenian manufacturing to develop their production. According to local press, Elmasta’s owners have already met up with three industrial partners from Erevan, supported by local councils that foster and promote corporate business, to sign some outsourcing deals. Early deliveries are due at the end of February.


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