France: Jules & Jenn and the “necessary” acquisition of Faune

France: Jules & Jenn and the “necessary” acquisition of Faune

Preserving its own chain. And, at the same time, safeguarding craftsmanship via mini-acquisitions. French leather goods and accessories brand, Jules & Jenn, focused on this objective when it decided to acquire its belts’ supplier: artisanal laboratory Faune. This acquisition, which the brand will finalize in June, will allow it to retain the quality control across the chain, and, in addition, will guarantee Faune’s future. “These acquisitions have a cost, but are necessary to have a long-term vision”, commented the founders of Jules & Jenn.

The “necessary” acquisition

“Faune’s founders wanted to retire. The daughter, Manon Catala, was looking for a partner that would ensure the continuation of the manufacturing tradition of the family”, explains Fashion Network. Jennifer Maumont co-founded Jules & Jenn in 2016 with her husband Julien. Faune is a small company located in Sémalens, near Castres, and employs 5 people. For over 30 years it has produced belts for many fashion brands, always by hand.

Jules & Jenn’s transparency

Jules & Jenn is a brand that sells to consumers exclusively online. It applies to the sales a policy of maximum transparency. For example, it indicates the locations of the cities in which the product is made (for example, Italian ones for footwear). In addition, since it provides the location of the materials (including Italian leather), it also showcases the various costs that bring the brand to determine the sale price of products. With regards to the artisanal knowhow, Maumont concludes by saying that “there are many people will soon retire and many will want to take their place, so the know-how is disappearing”. Any safeguarding operation of this type is welcome.

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