France, the leather goods’ segment continues to invest: new sites for Hermès and Rioland. The training? All in-house

The leather goods’ industry is the force behind France’s industrial development. Montereau-Fault-Yonne, a city located 90 kilometers from Paris, has changed its look in the last few years, and is growing fast. The merit? It goes to the financial and production sites, such as that of Hermès, that have opened there. Here, not far from the Gordon-Choisy tannery, which has been owned by Hermés for the last twenty years, is about to open a new production site to manufacture leather goods. The site will provide the city with 250 jobs, for which recruitment has already started “locally”, and once it is concluded, the 18-month-long training period will begin. The site will be 100% functional in 5 years, and it will manufacture handbags, wallets, and other leather accessories. Meanwhile, 270 kilometers to the south, Maroquinerie Rioland opened, in the previous few days, the doors of a new production site. The site is in Chateauroux, little commune in Loire’s center-valley. The company’s top-management has announced the need to hire 100 new employees within the next 3 years. A gift from heaven for this area of France, where unemployment is about 8% higher than the national average (9.3%), and one that keeps on giving, since Rioland isn’t putting any requirements on the new hires: no experience or title is required, because Rioland is creating an internal training program. 20 people have already been hired for the opening, and 8 more will join them next week.

One of Hermés’ sites, in picture. Source:


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