French contractor Maroquinerie Thomas buy out the whole capital assets of Tuscan B&G (they first held 35% of them)

In July 2016, they had stepped into the company, buying some capital shares. Slightly less than two years later, French Maroquinerie Thomas have entirely bought out Tuscan leather goods manufacturer B&G. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, the leather company, based in Lastra a Signa (for the records, they also run a manufacturing plant located in Cavriglia, in the province of Arezzo), led by Franco Baccani, turned fully French. Maroquinerie Thomas (a French luxury contractor whose portfolio also includes, among others, Louis Vuitton and Chanel) carry out their production in France, in 3 factories, and employ over 1,250 workers. Their annual turnover amounts to about 100 million euros. Conversely, in 2017, B&G’s revenues reached 10,5 million euros; they currently hire 70 employees. According to the above-mentioned daily newspaper, “thanks to such acquisition French Maroquinerie Thomas aim to enhance and boost their production of bags made in Italy. On top of that, they expect to take on, in two or three years, up to 170/180 employees. A profitable combination of different expertise and skills will make it possible: in fact, Maroquinerie Thomas mostly focus on process development, whereas B&G are primarily dedicated to fashion style and products”.


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