Gruppo Florence: “We will be buying our first leather goods manufacturers by August”

Gruppo Florence: “We will be buying our first leather goods manufacturers by August”

Attila Kiss, CEO of Gruppo Florence, said to La Conceria that some leather goods’ companies will join the group by August. The companies will be focused on the finished product, and the group will also develop its footwear operations with new acquisitions. Florence already dedicated part of its investments to its new sites in Milan (ready by the end of the year) and Florence, which will be operational by the end of July.

Interview with Kiss (in photo from Imagoeconomica)

You are investing to open new sites…

We plan on opening one in Milan and one in Florence. The Tuscan one will be inside Manifattura Tabacchi. This way we can be closer to the territory. Inside it we will have offices for HR, R&D, audit and administration. According to our schedule, it will be ready by the end of July.

And in Milan?

Milan will be our main office. Here too we will have R&D, finance and other offices. It will be ready by the end of the year.

Did you choose Florence to be closer to the leather goods industry?

Before opening the Tuscan location in August, some leather goods’ manufacturer will join Gruppo Florence. I think the first ones will join by Summer.

You are using the plural, so does it mean they will be a few?

I think so. We want to differentiate based on products and business models. Some companies that make finished products with some active as third-party manufacturers. Some discussions are well on the way. Leather goods is the most important of the missing tassels.

And footwear?

We continue to look for additional opportunities. The footwear portion still needs to reach its full potential. So… it’s not over. There will soon be other companies of this segment that will join Gruppo Florence.

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