Calcutta leather complex: India is also opening back up

Calcutta leather complex: India is also opening back up

India is also opening back up. The Western Bengal government decided that tanneries and other production segments tied to the manufacturing of leather, present in the Calcutta district, can get to work once more.

India is also opening back up

The Western Bengal state hosts the Calcutta Leather Complex, one of India’s main leather districts, as it hosts about 400 tanneries and 60 leather goods manufacturers. Some businesses reopened as soon as the legislative decree was out, even though many don’t expect to receive any orders immediately.

Pending orders

“We have pending orders of about 30,000 handbags and 50,000 wallets that we were unable to complete due to the lockdown. We will try to finish them as soon as possible”, explains Gautam Raj, owner of Rajda Industries and Exports,  to his company started manufacturing again with about 40 workers, of its usual 300. As of now, the objective is to save all raw hides that are stocked in warehouses before they rot.

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