Even second-hand sneakers fly high: such is the case of StockX portal

Even second-hand sneakers fly high: such is the case of StockX portal

Generation Z and women clientele. Europe and Asia. These are the buyers and the markets where StockX, one of the most important players in the sneaker resale global market, is enjoying a boost. For the records, second-hand sales are countertrend, for the portal, compared with the worldwide overall situation: according to estimates, they will supposedly increase by 15 to 20%. Looking at a survey carried out by Cowen Institute (mentioned in the StockX Snapshot report: Resale is a Global Game), this market is bound to reach, in terms of earnings from sales, 30 billion US dollars within 2030, 19 billion of which out of the United States. It is well worth emphasizing that, in the last few months, the portal has tripled its sales in Europe. Well, even second-hand sneakers fly high.

Even second-hand sneakers fly high

In 2020 third quarter, StockX reached 25 million global monthly visitors. Such increase is mostly due to GenZ buyers, who currently account for 62% of total customers. According to the platform, such attitude depends on a specific factor: young people are more and more on the lookout for “unique and exclusive collaborations other than fast fashion” (source: Fashion United UK). On top of that, expanding sales are also driven by women clientele: +130% in 2020 third quarter.

Brands and Italy (and its own particularity)

Nike, Adidas and Air Jordan are the most searched brands on the StockX portal. Italy is a particular case. Among the countries we have considered, Italy is the only one whose buyers, when they get access to the platform, most search, among articles for sale, rather than a pair of sneakers, a t-shirt instead. In other words, the Jack Highest model by Travis Scott. As regards sneakers, Italian buyers are particularly true blue to the Jordan 1 Mid, more than any other market. In the rankings of the top 100 most demanded sneakers in Italy, several variations of this model are in 25 different places.

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