US leather exports show double-digit growth in the first 10 months of 2021

US leather exports show double-digit growth in the first 10 months of 2021

The trend for the export of US bovine leather continues. LHCA (Leather and Hide Council of America) published data tied to foreign revenue obtained from the sale of tanning raw material and semi-finished products for the January-October 2021 period.

US leather exports

According to data from LHCA, US tanneries exported about 27 million bovine hides (fresh or salted), during the January-October 2021 period. That means +53% compared to the 17.688.811 of the same period of 2020. In terms of value, the increment was of 73%, from 568.3 million USD of last year to 808.7 million this year. The number 1 buyer remains China, with 17.6 million hides purchased (+42%). Italy recorded a 44% decrease in the volume bought, at 79.197 imported hides. Japan’s imports boomed, with 136 thousand hides, or +157% for the 10 months in scope. Ethiopia reached 55,927 units (+314%), and Nigeria went from 37 units to 4,008.


Data tied to the sales of wet blue is also positive. Overall, the US sold 3.73 million semi-finished units against the 2.34 of the previous year (+59%). In terms of value, the increase was of 59%, for a total of 376 million USD. China was the top buyer in this period as well, with 982,217 pieces for 104 million USD. Italy as a buyer, in this segment, grew by 41% in volume with 1.04 million units bought, and +29% in value, from 80 to 104 million.

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