Straight from Tokyo: Kansai Yamamoto and Leather Hanten

Lineapelle 97 incontra Kansai Yamamoto

An ante litteram influencer. One of those designers that have literally created fashion without turning into media phenomenon from social media. Today, Lineapelle )11:30 at the Fashion Theater of pavilion 13), meets and celebrates Japan’s stylist Kansai Yamamoto. Additionally, for the entire fair till Friday, Milan’s fair showcases one of the stylist’s last project, presented for the first time this past June in Japan, to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of Tokyo Leather Fair.

From David Bowie to today

The event is called “Kansai Yamamoto, past and future of a leading designer”. It is open to the public and will allow visitors to be in contact with a very high-level stylist. One who, according to sector operators, “is influencing fashion designers such as Riccardo Tisci, Alessandro Michele, Nicolas Ghesquière with his estetics”. One who, just as an example, created some of the looks that David Bowie wore during the Ziggy Stardust tour of 1972. An event not to be missed.

The Leather Hanten

Lineapelle97 is also hosting Kansai Yamamoto under a different form. It does so by exhibiting 50 interesting “naga-hanten” in Hall 11. These are clothing items, very similar to kimonos, usually worn by the firefighters of the ancient city of Edo, today’s Tokyo. Traditionally characterized by the colors red, black and white, Yamamoto gave them life again by entrusting the creation (with his supervision) to the students of the Fuji Elementary School of Asakusa (Tokyo). A way of “proving the constant push of style, fashion and leather that creates active links between past heritage and the future. The Leather Hanten exhibit comes to Milan as a collaboration project that, for years now, has united Lineapelle and Tokyo Leather Fair.



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