Technology and innovation: exploring materials to understand them

Technology and innovation: exploring materials to understand them

Lineapelle, scheduled in September 2021, is going to promote and implement an exploring project to target innovation and technology. The name given to the project is A New Point of Materials: it will be running at Lineapelle, inside its exhibiting halls, on the agenda on 22-24 September 2021. In a nutshell, the aim is to select, present, and explore some materials to subsequently read and understand their distinctive features and their possible ways of employment.

Exploring materials to understand them

“Lineapelle’s style exploration – pointed out the Secretary of the fair organization – is going to address the issue of material innovation, matched with technology, in the A New Point of Materials space”. Such project will engage D-house Laboratorio Urbano (Urban Lab D-house), a Dyloan spin off.

Looking into innovation processes

“Since we act as a technology manufacturing company – commented D-house –, we make technologies available by creating a synergy with the supply industry. We therefore share our ideas and talk with creative talents, who assess the results of our research. We strive together to develop sustainable products for fashion and design. Starting from the design phase, we actively support designers across the planning and research stages.

We are supposed to give an interpretation to materials and pinpoint their potential technology application. Naturally according to a working method which complies with sustainability primary guidelines. The A New Point of Materials project aims at looking into innovative and responsible technology processes”. In other words, to shed light on a world which keeps changing so frenziedly (even too much).  

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