Kayne West wants his Yeezy made in the USA, but it’s not that simple

Kanye West vuole le sue Yeezy made in USA, ma non è così semplice

Kayne West wants his Yeezy made in the USA: the American singer and entrepreneur has announced the two-year 100% reshoring plan for the production of his sneakers. But it’s not that simple. Matt Priest, CEO of FDRA (the stars and stripes association), explains the opportunities, but above all the limits, of the operation.

The interview

Kanye West said that his projects include bringing the entire production of Yeezy back to the States. “We produce more abroad because it seems easier – Hyperbeast reports -, but as a founder of a brand it is important for me to create employment in my country”. The musician, who in the same interview proclaimed himself “the greatest artist of all time”, also claimed that he would like to entrust the production of Yeezy to the hands of prisoners in American prisons.


West explained that with the eventual reshoring, he could have direct control of production. In addition, Yeezy could start “rapid prototyping” of shoes. This is why Kayne West wants his Yeezy made in the USA.

Does it work? Maybe

Of course, West has not revealed a business model: more than anything else he has declared his intentions. Matt Priest explains to Sole Collector why the operation is not that simple. The strength of Yeezy, explains the manager, is that it is a high-segment shoe, produced in small volumes, where the final price guarantees a certain margin. However, production questions remain to be clarified.

Where and with whom

First point: “Footwear production is capital-intensive – notes Priest – so West must create the required capacity”. Point two: “The suggestion is that the Yeezy shoe factory would rise in Cody, Wyoming. And what is the workforce in Cody, Wyoming? – asks Priest -. I have to assume that it is rather small. And how can you attract new work to Cody?”. Lastly, there are also issues related to skills and components: it is not a coincidence if 99% of the shoes sold in the USA are imported.


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