Theater, dancing, leather: A performance by Montebello at Lineapelle

Montebellomporta a Lineapelle uno spettacolo di teatrodanza

The event promises to bring interest, as well as emotions. Veneto-based tannery Montebello, in collaboration with Lineapelle, is organizing the event. It will take place tonight. The inedita performance includes both theater and dancing, and was planned, built and interpreted to satisfy “the need to tell the uniqueness of leather’s essence via the use of art, bodies, movements, dancing and theater”.

The Project

The name of the project by the Montebello tannery is called Teatro. Opera / Anilina,and consists in, reads an official note of the Veneto-based tannery, “a study of leather’s poetic qualities. What does the contact between leather and the human body unlock?”. And so, leather “tells a story of its footprint throughout time, the body discussed its changes, from its efforts to its recoveries, from its movements to its marks”. From this theme, Montebello has entrusted the artistic side of the project to Compagnia La Lucina, “young theater and dancing group based in Milan, which uses the body, materials and scenic languages to express its message”.

The Fluid

From the project, action moved towards an improvised performance based on the artistic practicality of Fluid. The show took place in Rome (where it was registered to be re-played), at the Teatro Flaiano. “The three performers of the Compagnia La Lucina were given three aniline leather pieces of different colors. Everything was documented with the certainty that the encounter between bodies and leather would have produced an intense poetic and expressive charge”. The live version of this expressive and artistic experiment will take place at Lineapelle.



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