UNIC launch a worldwide campaign to get leather across

Campagna UNIC

Such is the first input: “We all care about the same problem: to get leather across”. Here is the second input: “We must focus on talking about leather and its value”. Both of them date back to last June. At that time, during UNIC – Italian Tanneries annual assembly, leather industry (both in general and in particular, with regard to Italian top quality) clearly realized it was high time they were addressing a mandatory question: to let everybody know, starting from final consumer, why only leather is better than leather itself.

A worldwide campaign

UNIC – Italian Tanneries appointed an international agency to build up a number of worldwide communication activities. The aim is “to convey, in a contemporary and effective way, three key words, which are the cornerstones of Italian leather industry: sustainability, circularity and exclusivity”. They are “rather obvious concepts to the ones who know, produce and use leather”. Yet, at the same time, “such notions require a renovated strategy to propagate, promote and share them. Consumers, all over the world, must have a sound knowledge about a few essential properties of leather. Someone too often distorts and exploits them misleadingly”.

A scientific method

UNIC illustrated that “in the future, communication campaigns will mostly develop across digital channels and social networks”. The starting point is going to be kind of a scientific method: “They carried out 1,200 interviews in four countries (Italy, Germany, France and the United States). Here are the results: on the one hand, many people consider leather as an exclusive, luxurious and durable product, which can rely on an important heritage. Yet, on the other hand, when it comes to tanning process and leather manufacturing, it turns out that consumers are barely aware of its green features”. Two opposite points, starting from which “we shall soon create a widespread and innovative communication project”.


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