According to Michele, CRV is not luxury’s only problem: “Those denying it are wrong”

According to Michele, CRV is not luxury’s only problem: “Those denying it are wrong”

According to Alessandro Michele, the positive thing is the reaction showed. “Fashion has shown that it is not an old lady – he tells La Repubblica – but a strange divinity who has great powers”. But CRV is not luxury’s only problem: there are, and have been, others. So, it is right to record with satisfaction the good evidence produced so far. But, Gucci‘s creative director warns, you shouldn’t hide your head in the sand.

CRV is not luxury’s only problem

“We do not depreciate the value that fashion has – continues Michele -. It has risked dying many times because it had so many diseases, not just Covid. Now we talk about it, and it’s like group therapy: those still denying it are wrong”. The pandemic had a certain effect, ça va sans dire, on Epilogue itself, the content marathon presented by the Tuscan brand during Milan Digital Fashion Week. “There was a correction in progress – acknowledges Michele -, but not forced. There was the will to say how many crazy things happen behind the scenes, and how many metaphysical spaces are occupied”.

Self-sufficient investigation

How does the designer explain the meaning of his project? “It is an investigation, self-sufficient – he goes on with La Repubblica -, which I have tried to expose from many places: from backstage to casting. It was time to show the outside as well as the inside. The lockdown gave me one last shot, and I thought about the epilogue of a world that is more complex. That, if you investigate and make it work in another way, will give its best, even if you take away the traditional catwalk”. A truth operation, in its own way: “People could find everything and nothing in those images – he concludes -, but I liked the idea of ​​showing what certain customs had never done”.

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