Leather as a canvas: CuoinArte showcases the Dusini Collection

Leather as a canvas: CuoinArte showcases the Dusini Collection

Leather as a canvas. CuoinArte is the name of the exhibition that UNIC – Italian Tanneries will open on November 18, 2021, in Milan, at Spazio Lineapelle. An event with a very high cultural profile, showcasing 15 artworks on leather from the Dusini Collection. In other words: “The artistic patronage project created by Oliviero Dusini, a member of the historic tanning family that founded the homonymous tannery in 1830 in Cles, Trentino-Alto Adige”.

Leather as a canvas

Joan Mirò, Giò Pomodoro, Umberto Mastroianni and Oliviero Dusini. Alberto Allegri, Antonio Cremonese and Pierre Fernandez Arman. “They are the authors of the works exhibited at CuoinArte from 18 November 2021 to 14 January 2022,” explains a note from UNIC.

UNIC’s cultural mission

“The companies that UNIC – Italian Tanneries proudly represents,” explains UNIC director Fulvia Bacchi, “have been able to create over time a wise combination of competitiveness, sustainability and economic and social progress. Task of our association is to constantly communicate these values and we choose various ways to do so. The CuoinArte exhibition is one of them. Thanks to the Dusini Tannery, we tell the story of the sector through the works of artists who have used leather and hide for their creations, to express themselves through those natural materials that retain the charm of life, of the environment in which they developed, of the history they have lived”.

Oliviero Dusini’s patronage

“Our father”, explain Oliviero Dusini’s heirs, “has always had an artistic and creative trait in his character, perhaps hidden by the needs imposed by his entrepreneurial activity, but which was nevertheless expressed in his great passion for abstract, modern and contemporary art, a passion that led him to meet and frequent many of the most important artists of his time”. Artists such as Umberto Mastroianni, with whom “he developed a deep, long and fruitful friendship (…) During their frequentation, they shared various projects, one of which was the use of leather as a material canvas, almost like a material already refined, but to be moulded.Leather, for our father was the passion of a lifetime, and an important artistic experience for Umberto. Allowed them both, according to their experiences, to see beyond the material”.

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