Coach lock down leather: “It’s been our core business for 77 years, it’s going to be like that in the future”

“Coach aim to become a global lifestyle brand, though leather, which has been our core business for 77 years, will be of paramount importance in the years to come as well”. This is a very meaningful excerpt taken from a long interview, granted by Joshua Schulman, president and chief executive officer of Coach (Tapestry group), while speaking to Fashion Headline portal, and subsequently reported by Chinese website In Schulman’s opinion, in addition to focusing on leather, the brand “is seeking some products that may meet all the customers’ needs and demand, including a few small details about accessories”. Most Coach’s clients, by the way, are and are bound to be men, as the segment currently accounts for 850 million dollars, in terms of revenues, for the US brand: “Our products for Men have the capability to join the 1-billion-dollar club in the next three years”, remarked Schulman, who considers “China due to become the most important market for Coach”. For the records, the brand carried out some customisation services in most of their stores. More specifically, flagship stores are hosting the Coach Create service. Following selection of leather, tint and several accessories, the product purchased by client will be customised by an in-store specialized artisan, who will be working in the Craftsmanship Bar, dedicated to leather treatment and monogram. “The aim is to provide consumers with a unique shopping experience”.


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