Bottega Veneta, luxury is based on all dimensions of time

Bottega Veneta, luxury is based on all dimensions of time

“We owe are success and visibility to durable and high-quality products”. For Leo Rongone the prestige of Bottega Veneta is based on time. Or better: on all dimensions of time. The CEO of the brand owned by Kering believes that the attention and refinement with which designers and craftsmanship ideate and make a product. And the longevity of the items: clients don’t consume their desire to purchase right away, but they buy a physical and emotional asset.

All dimensions of time

“Real luxury is tied to time”, said Rongone during the Changemakers in Luxury Fashion event. The CEO has always kept the concept of durability dear, but it now adds to it more exhaustively. Time isn’t just “what is needed by our craftsmen to create the finished product – said the CEO according to MFF –, but also what determines the value of the product throughout the years”. It’s an investment in time and knowledge that involved off of Bottega Veneta’s employees. “Our creative director Matthieu Blazy has strong aesthetic – he continues – and an authentic passion for made-in-Italy manufacturing. We have people in a company that dedicate themselves to constantly perfecting traditional techniques by combining them with research and creativity”.

An eye towards Asia

A CEO also has the duty of planning growth on the markets. According to the latest news, Rongone is aiming Bottega Veneta towards China. The brand will present if F/W 23/24, the third by Blazy, on July 20th in Beijing. Meanwhile, it has opened a new store in a Shenzhen (12.6 million people)

Photo from Bottega Veneta

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