Ferragamo work in progress: Generation Z, product, certifications

Le strategie di Ferragamo per crescere

Ferragamo runs towards its future. It goes straight to a new generation of consumers (who are not Millennials, but their “cousins”, those of Generation Z). It re-reads its stylistic offer. It aims firmly at “new certifications”, related (in particular) to the concept of “social responsibility”. Many news and a work in progress that Micaela le Divelec Lemmi, managing director of the brand, explained in a detailed interview with La Repubblica Affari & Finanza.

New target

The new strategic plan of Ferragamo has been launched. Although “it is not a re-foundation of the brand”, explains Le Divelec, the goal is to make the image “more contemporary and fresher”. The story of Ferragamo is a beautiful one that must be “passed on to young people”. For this reason, new collections will be addressed not so much to Millennials as to Generation Z: “The one that is between 18 and 25 years old – explains the manager -. They are our customers of tomorrow: evolved and responsible young people”.

Style definition

Ferragamo works in progress on e-commerce, digital marketing and app. But it is also rethinking product. “We are still in the process of breaking in, there is still a lot to do” argues Le Divelec, announcing that while believing “very much in the man sector”, the brand will remain focused on the rest: “Women’s shoe remains the heart of Ferragamo style – she concludes -, but we are also working a lot on silk printing”.


Ferragamo has obtained the SA8000 certification for Corporate Social Responsibility. It certifies that the company respects some important standards such as protection of human rights, of workers, of children exploitation. And guarantees the presence of safety and health guarantees in the workplace. This includes the headquarters of the Florentine fashion house, the Osmannoro headquarters, the logistics hub and the Italian sales network.

Ferruccio Ferragamo’s words

“In line with our Code of Ethics and our sustainability policy, SA8000 certification confirms our commitment to achieving the highest ethical standards and sustainable business development”. This are the words by President Ferruccio Ferragamo, as in a company note. “Adopting this certification means considering the social impact of our activities, in addition to the conditions under which employees, partners and suppliers operate”.

Image from ferragamo.com


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