Tod’s perform well on the stock market thanks to a strong euro: in 15 years Della Valle has earned 93.5% on its initial investment. Good performance also registered for Fiat Chrysler

Those who invested on Tod’s since the 1 January 2002, when the euro legally entered in circulation, have seen their capital almost doubled. Calculating price trend and dividends Corriere Economia, carrying out a survey on securities listed in Piazza Borsa with a capital of at least 1 billion, estimated that the value of the shares of the Marche shoe group has increased by 93.5% in 15 years. The characteristics of the companies that have been successful (Some companies were so successful that they went over 1000%) are a strong orientation to export, being the leader in their sector, and being innovative as well as being the standard bearer of the Made in Italy. These are considered as “pocket sized multinationals”. In the same period, Fiat  – currently Fiat-Chrysler – gained a 140.9% of ROI. In the same survey, it’s also possible to discover who wasn’t performing so well. Among these, there were mostly banks and financial companies that have been severely hit by the 2007 financial crash and the resulting period of political instability.


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