Hermès keeps speeding up: +7 per cent in 2017, +10 per cent for leather goods. “We’ll manufacture even more”. Slightly slowing down in the quarter though

The bad news, to begin with. 2017 last quarter was not “so brilliant” for Hermès, as revenues increased by 5 per cent. In the previous one they had gone up by 10 per cent. CEO Axel Dumas clears up that drop is due to “a low amount of stocked provisions, owing to very high demand”. This is the reason why, looking at the French brand’s annual financial statement, in 2017 Hermès kept speeding up, as sales incomes exceeded 5,5 billion euros, thus increasing by nearly 7 per cent. Figures about the French brand’s core business are even better than the ones about the overall turnover. Leather goods accessories went up, on actual basis, by nearly 10 per cent. “Demand for bags is very high – says Dumas; since we are aiming to meet it, we ‘ll keep implementing a plan to boost our productive capacity”. While talking to Reuters, Dumas wrapped up by pointing out that 2017 operating margin is supposedly lined up with the amazing performance of the first six months of the year: 34,3 per cent.


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