Hermès’s nine-month-turnover exceeds 4 billion euros to counteract currency fluctuations

Hermès’s turnover slightly exceeds 4 billion euros as it increases by 10% on yearly current rates of exchange. The good news is that business development trends are pretty even, both for product lines and for geographical market areas. Yet unfortunately, they may be affected by currency fluctuations. In the first nine months of 2017, a fair wind fostered Hermès’s business. Accessories and Saddlery have been speeding up by 11,5% (they were therefore lined up with the annual target, +10%), as their overall value went up to 2 billion euros. Growing productive capacity has driven the fashion brand’s boosting business: by the end of the year, they are going to inaugurate their Maroquinerie de l’Allan; in the meantime, they have already launched a project for two more manufacturing plants, which are due to open by 2020. Meanwhile, the Ready-to-wear segment plus Accessories (882,7 million euros) go up, as their business increases by 11% thanks to footwear bright performance. Unfortunately, euro’s volatility hit Hermès’s business considerably, causing the brand to lose 25 million euros in revenues. Currency instability might affect earnings in the next future, though the fashion brand aims to grow by focusing on the “Value of the Article”.


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